Princess Toadstool Wall Art
Toadstool wall art
toadstool wall art
Princess Toadstool Wall Art
Toadstool wall art
toadstool wall art


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Look who we found hiding at the bottom of our secret garden. Perfect for anyone who has a little (or not so little) princess in their life, this would look fabulous in a nursery, grown up girly bedroom or as a feature in a living or dining room.

All our vinyls are created from original illustration, so buy this to add some art to your home without having to worry about framing, or drilling your walls to display it.

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Q: Do you ship outside of the UK?

A: We don't have international shipping listed on our website due to varying shipping costs to different parts of the world. However, this doesn't mean we can't do it! Just send us a message and we'll let you know how much shipping to your country will cost and how long your art is likely to take to reach you.

Q: Can the vinyls be personalised?

A: Most definitely. We can add a name, date or saying to most of our designs - just let us know what your idea is and we'll mock it up for you to approve before going to print.

Q: Can I order anything bigger than the maximum sizes on your site?

A: Yes! Just send us a message to tell us what you need and we'll tell you if it's possible. We find that most things are!

Q: How long will my order take to arrive?

A: Our lead times are usually around 2-3 weeks from placing your order, but we'll always try to be faster if we can.

Q: Will my vinyl wall art fade?

A: Not for at least 30 years! They're printed onto really high-quality vinyl that is designed for use inside and out, so they're hardy and will stay beautiful  and bright even in direct sunlight.

Q: Where can our wall art be stuck? 

A: Pretty much anywhere! As long as you have a smooth, clean surface, our high-quality vinyls will stick to it.

Q: Won't they reflect the light and ruin the effect?

A: No, don't worry about this - all our designs are printed on lovely matt vinyl, minimising the amount of reflection and glare from your household lights.

Q: How do I apply them?

A: It's super easy! We provide a handy application guide with every order - all you need is this and a credit card to smooth out any air bubbles, and your piece of wall art will look fabulous.